Tailwind Gridsome Shopify Starter

Tailwind Gridsome Shopify Starter

This website is based on this starter.

This starter includes the latest highly customizable, low-level CSS framework called Tailwind CSS


It features:

  • Highest Scores on Google Lighthouse!
  • Full SSR (Server Side Redenring) Static Site
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) with "Add to Home Screen" button
  • Connected to Shopify backend
  • Home Page showing Featured Products
  • Product Search
  • Product Page
  • Collection Search
  • All Collections Page
  • TailwindCSS with PurgeCSS to remove unused css
  • SEO optimized
  • Sitemap


    For this price, we will setup a GitHub repository to host the source code of your frontend based on this starter and deploy it on Netlify.


    Note: this price does not include the customization of the frontend.


    Demo store


    Time delivery within 24 hours.