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Building a Shopify Headless store has never been easier.

Shopify is without a doubt the best ecommerce platform on the market right now. Store owners are able to setup amazing looking stores with advanced functionality in no time at all. However, this plug-and-play ecosystem has some limits and starts to have some painful drawbacks at the enterprise level.

Shopify Gridsome

One way of preventing this is to lean towards headless systems gaining speed, performance and a better SEO.

Headless Commerce has been rising in popularity lately, with more brands opting for this highly customizable approach. This is the latest trend among eCommerce stores. Using the Headless approach can dramatically open up the sea of customization to you.

Headless eCommerce

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What is Headless Shopify Commerce?

Headless Shopify means that the frontend (or the "head") of your Shopify store is decoupled from your eCommerce backend.

This means you get the best of Shopify's back office admin, but you no longer use themes hosted within your Shopify store. The frontend of your site is now hosted independently while Shopify is still utilized to power the back office for order, customer and product management. The checkout is also powered by Shopify.

Headless eCommerce has the potential to give your online operation a competitive advantage with benefits around performance, speed, and customer experience.

Main Benefits of Headless Shopify eCommerce:

  • Achieve 90+ Google Lighthouse Performance Scores
  • Operate With a Winning Mobile-First Customer Experience
  • Custom URL structure
Performance & Speed

Exceptional Brands Demand Exceptional Page Load Speeds!!!

Performance & Speed

Shopify stores suffer from performance issues that cannot be solved by using yet another app. Having a fast-loading store is essential for SEO, and might bring more traffic, which in turn will bring more conversions.

Going headless allows developers to build sites using the latest blazing fast JAMstack frontend frameworks like Gridsome. A faster site gets more customer engagement + satisfaction, resulting in lower bounce rates, quicker time to checkout and more page views per session.

“a two-second page speed decrease boosted conversions by 66%.”

Going headless means achieving unrivalled load-times for the end-user. Performance scores rank exceptionally well on tools such as Google Lighthouse Performance, improving SEO.

Google Lighthouse Scores

Google Lighthouse Performance score for Gridsome Powered Headless Shopify eCommerce Site

Speaking about performance, hosted Shopify sites score notoriously bad on performance metrics such as Google's Lighthouse Performance. While you can still get a fast site on hosted Shopify, having a better Lighthouse Performance score will get you a better ranking in search results and drive more traffic to your eCommerce store.

Better SEO

Since your frontend is decoupled from Shopify, you have full control over your SEO tactics. You can outperform a like-for-like store developed on Shopify with an equal number and quality of inbound links.

Going headless also gives you complete control over your URL structure so you have full control over the SEO tactics. There are no limitation.



Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are another big trend and are difficult to achieve using a Shopify theme.

PWA allows to operate with a winning Mobile-First customer experience. They deliver a faster, more reliable, and immersive customer experience, regardless of whether the user is connected to the internet.

A PWA is a way of providing native app-like features through your website, without the user having to download an app through the app store, such as Google Play or Apple store. Instead, the website in the browser asks the visitor if they want to download the website as an app. With a PWA, your website can be added as an ‘app’ icon on a smartphone home screen with a customizable splash screen.

Using a Gridsomify powered Progressive Web App significantly decreases latency while improving discoverability.

Gridsome is a static site generator framework based on Vue. It integrates the GraphQL to build its data layer and is one of the best mediums to develop a site that’s lightweight and loads faster than the speed of sound!

Hence, Gridsome is one of the best options available to build robust frontend. This makes it a perfect option for creating the frontend of a JAMstack Headless eCommerce.

Our Gridsome Shopify starters ship with the main Gridsome configuration files you need to get up and running fast.

With Gridsomify, you get a solid and almost instant start for your project!

We will setup, deploy and customize the following starters for you.

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Tailwind Gridsome Shopify Starter
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Bulma Gridsome Shopify Starter
Special Setup Price : $19 instead of $59

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